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Aiken Walmart SC, Shooting, Community Reacts

Aiken Walmart SC, Shooting – Walmart employees and patrons on Whisky Road said NewsChannel 6 they won’t allow a shooting deter them from shopping. “Going anywhere is really not safe these days. What can you do, really? You still have to go shopping, as Aiken resident and business patron Jennifer Freeman put it.  Customers continued to purchase necessary goods on Monday despite bullets flying outside the Whisky Road Walmart on Sunday afternoon.

At 4:35 p.m. According to a report from the Aiken Department of Public Safety, police responded to a shooting. Officers discovered upon their arrival that there had been multiple persons fighting, one of them had fired a gun at a car, and the other had fled the store. Some were fully aware of the situation, while others were only vaguely aware of it. “I don’t go to the stores at night anymore unless I absolutely have to,” Freeman continued, “but even during the day it’s not safe. How are you able to help?

Sophie King currently resides and shops in Aiken. It’s an excellent site to travel to because of its highly central location, she informed us. Since Gem Lakes is where I was raised, this is undoubtedly the nearest Walmart. Aiken City Councilman Ed Woltz discussed the tragedy that occurred directly across from his district with NewsChannel 6. He stated Whiskey Road might see an increase in traffic because of the two Walmart stores in the city.

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