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Al Johnson Obituary, Omaha Beef Company Mourn A Lifelong Member – Death

Al Johnson Obituary, Death – We are all saddened by the news of the death of Al (Wayne) Johnson, who worked with the Omaha Beef Company for almost 50 years. Al finished the whole thing. He had a varied and interesting career that included everything from driving, slaughtering, and unloading cattle from trucks to retiring as the evening operations manager. Even though it was short, his retirement was filled with joy.

Every time he visits Omaha Beef, Al can’t help but brag about his grandkids.  Whenever he was among them, he treasured the time.  There was no way to sneak presents or treats past him because he was the best grandfather anyone could ask for. His face lit up with pride as he spoke about them. Everyone from coworkers to clients to vendor partners knew Al to be a dogged perfectionist.

Despite his advancing years and the fact that he had to take it easy on the electric jack when shifting pallets in the Omaha warehouses, Al always knew just where the poultry and meat were supposed to go.  The act of relocating it or, more insultingly, piling the products too high, beyond his reach, would also result in consequences.  He was unwavering in his convictions. And everyone assumed that.

Since Al could remember every turn, pothole, green mailbox, and white fence that led to any certain spot, he was affectionately called “Radar” by many. A GPS wasn’t necessary for Al. When he got there once and had to give directions, he could remember everything so another driver might follow in his footsteps.  Al will be missed. Those who knew him may find solace in the happy memories that we share during this time of loss. Everyone who knew him, particularly his loved ones, has our deepest sympathies.

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