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Alexander Bello-Ortiz Obituary, Alexander Bello-Ortiz Has Passed Away – Death

Alexander Bello-Ortiz Obituary, Death – Lourdes Ortiz had a difficult pregnancy and delivered Alexander Bello-Ortiz, a gorgeous son, on August 5, 1998. Alex was born without a brother, but God gave him all the love and care Lourdes wanted. Alex, their only kid, was their main focus and love. He was kind and smart. Alex was a decent family man who liked Monopoly because it required group play. He was gentle, kind, and recognized the good in everyone, whatever their treatment.

He was one of the most accepting and nonjudgmental people, fighting for you without expecting anything in return. He was special, joyous, and would do anything to make others feel loved and cared for. His optimism and life enjoyment were highest. Alex was friendly and enjoyed helping people, according to everyone who knew him. He collected nostalgic items everywhere to offer to his family. Japanese cartoons and music were his favorites. Alex became an Eagle Scout after being a Boy Scout from infancy.

He believed in the scout honor that “if you work hard and sacrifice, you will see success” regardless of race, color, or creed. Alex proved that sacrifice, self-discipline, and doing the right thing were the only methods to achieve and change the world. He joined the military and attended the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Cadre. Alex attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL in September 2019 to study engineering to learn more. Alex transferred from Norwich University to Embry Riddle as a senior after discovering their top engineering program.

That first semester at Embry Riddle, he was India Flight Wing Commander. The murder of Alex in his Daytona Beach, FL home on September 6, 2020 changed everything for him and his family. A headshot killed him severely. The perpetrator may not have realized it, but this one awful act wrecked angelic Alex’s innocent existence and transformed his family, friends, and coworkers’. The story was treated as if suicide and the tragedy were planned.

The investigation proved otherwise, but the Daytona Beach Police Department (DPBD) ruled Alex’s death a suicide. Alex cannot be revived, but his family, friends, and coworkers are fighting for justice for his love. To give the deceased rest, prevent others from feeling Alex’s family’s anguish, and make this country safe for future generations. Alex was kind, brave, faithful, and forgiving. He wanted to improve the world and help people. After his early death, Alex donated organs to seven strangers who will never know who saved them.

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