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Brian Cowin Obituary, Native Of Natrona Heights, Has Sadly Died

Brian Cowin Obituary, Death – There is a strong feeling of sympathy and concern in the community following the Sunday, March 19, 2023, departure of 39-year-old Brian Douglas Cowin from his house. Born in Natrona Heights on April 6, 1983, Brian is deeply mourned by all who love him, especially his beloved wife Laurie Banyay Cowin, whom he wed on September 12, 2015. Along with his father James, he is also survived by his beloved kids, Landon Scott and Bryce Forrest, who both have a special place in his heart.

The hole left by Brian’s absence and the ambiguity surrounding his leaving have caused people who are close to him to be deeply concerned and thoughtful. His ties to his family, especially those with his wife Laurie and their cherished sons, bear witness to his love and commitment for them. The family of Brian Douglas Cowin is receiving the collective thoughts and prayers of the community at this trying and uncertain time. Friends, relatives, and neighbors come together in solidarity, wishing for Brian’s safe return, as the impact of his absence is felt deeply.

Those who knew Brian have expressed their support and concern in large measure after learning of his departure. Reminiscences of Brian’s love, warmth, and affection for his family have struck a deep chord with me, reminding me of the good impact he had on everyone around him. Thoughts of solidarity and support for Brian’s safe return are still flowing, representing the community’s continued vigilance and hope for his well-being. The community is united in providing Brian’s family with unflinching support throughout this trying time, holding out hope for his safe return to his loved ones.

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