Chief Warren Whitney Obituary, Deputy Fire Chief At The Clark County Fire Department Has Sadly Passed Away – Death – The world obits

Chief Warren Whitney Obituary, Death – In the halls of Red Rock Search & Rescue in Las Vegas, Nevada, genuine sympathies and solemn memories gather for Clark County Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Warren Whitney. Those whose lives he touched by his unfaltering commitment have come together in grief at his death. With his passing at the age of 53,

Deputy Fire Chief Warren Whitney leaves behind a lasting impression on the firefighting community. Throughout his twenty-plus year career, he remained steadfast in his commitment, serving as a model of unwavering service. He began his career with the department in 1995 and rose through the ranks to become a captain, firefighter, engineer, and deputy fire chief.

His legacy as Deputy Fire Chief Whitney lives on in the hearts and minds of the innumerable people he helped and encouraged, well beyond the walls of the Fire Department. His tenure is a reflection of his steadfast commitment and altruistic service to the community, which garnered him admiration and appreciation from colleagues and residents alike.

The Red Rock Search & Rescue team wants to thank Deputy Fire Chief Whitney for all the hard work he has put in to keeping the community safe. In spite of their sorrow, the people of Clark County are remembering and honoring the life and work of a heroic leader whose altruistic efforts will live on in fire department lore. As long as there are people who remember Warren Whitney for the bravery, leadership, and service he exemplified, there will be a light to guide them.

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