Shocking News! Cleiver gamez santos death: Austin police seek the public’s help, A 22-year-old man was identified as the victim in a shooting Friday night in north Austin

Shocking News! Cleiver gamez santos death: Austin Police Seek Public’s Help in Identifying Suspect in Fatal Shooting.A 22-year-old man, Cleiver Gamez-Santos, has been identified as the victim of a fatal shooting in North Austin. Austin police are now appealing to the public for assistance in locating the suspect. The shooting took place at the Cricket Hollow Apartments on Friday evening, and Gamez-Santos was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside a car. Despite being rushed to the hospital, he tragically passed away. Authorities believe the shooting occurred in the apartment building and are urging anyone with information to come forward. North Austin, known for its vibrant dining and nightlife scene, is now grappling with this senseless act of violence.

Cleiver Gamez-Santos Death

Tragic Loss: Remembering Cleiver Gamez-Santos

We mourn the untimely passing of Cleiver Gamez-Santos, a vibrant young individual whose life was cut short in a senseless act of violence. Cleiver’s memory will forever be cherished by his loved ones and the community he was a part of. As we come to terms with this devastating loss, it is important to reflect on the impact he had on those around him and the potential he held for a bright future.

Victim Identified in North Austin Shooting

A Life Taken Too Soon: Cleiver Gamez-Santos

The Austin Police Department has identified Cleiver Gamez-Santos as the victim of a tragic shooting incident that occurred in North Austin. This young man, full of dreams and aspirations, was tragically caught in the crossfire of violence that plagues our society. As we grieve the loss of Cleiver, it is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the root causes of such senseless acts and work towards creating a safer community for all.

Police Appeal for Public Assistance

Seeking Justice: Help Us Find the Suspect

The Austin Police Department is reaching out to the public for assistance in locating the suspect involved in the fatal shooting of Cleiver Gamez-Santos. We urge anyone with information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to come forward and help bring closure to Cleiver’s family and friends. By working together, we can ensure that those responsible for this heinous act are held accountable and prevent further tragedies from occurring in our community.

Details of the Shooting

Unraveling the Tragedy: Understanding the Shooting Incident

In the wake of the devastating shooting incident, it is crucial to delve into the details surrounding this tragic event. By examining the circumstances and factors that led to this senseless act of violence, we can gain a deeper understanding of the impact it has had on the community and the urgent need for change.

Location and Time of the Incident

A Fateful Evening: Unfolding of the Shooting in North Austin

The shooting took place on a fateful evening at the Cricket Hollow Apartments, located at 11441 N. I-35 in North Austin. It was on Friday, January 12, at approximately 7:54 p.m., when the tranquility of the neighborhood was shattered by the sound of gunfire. This incident serves as a stark reminder that violence can strike at any time and in any place, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those affected.

Discovery of the Victim

A Heartbreaking Encounter: The Tragic Fate of Cleiver Gamez-Santos

Amidst the chaos that ensued, the Austin Police Department swiftly responded to reports of gunfire. Upon arriving at the scene, they made a grim discovery. Cleiver Gamez-Santos, a 22-year-old young man, was found inside a car, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Despite the efforts to save his life, Cleiver tragically succumbed to his injuries later that evening. This heartbreaking loss serves as a painful reminder of the devastating consequences of gun violence and the need for collective action to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

Investigation and Public Appeal

Uncovering the Truth: The Ongoing Investigation

The Austin Police Department is diligently working to uncover the truth behind the tragic shooting incident in North Austin. Investigators are meticulously piecing together evidence, interviewing witnesses, and utilizing all available resources to bring justice to Cleiver Gamez-Santos and his grieving loved ones. The pursuit of truth and accountability is of utmost importance, and the community’s support in this endeavor is crucial.

Request for Information from the Public

Your Help Matters: Assisting the Investigation

The Austin Police Department is appealing to the public for any information that may aid in the investigation. No detail is too small or insignificant. If you witnessed the incident, heard or saw anything suspicious in the area, or have any knowledge that could assist the authorities, please come forward. Your cooperation can make a significant difference in bringing closure to Cleiver’s family and ensuring that those responsible for this tragedy are held accountable.

Contacting the Austin Police Department

Joining Forces: Reporting Tips and Information

If you have any information related to the shooting incident or the whereabouts of the suspect, please contact the Austin Police Department. You can reach out to them by calling 512-974-TIPS. Alternatively, if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can report a tip by calling 512-472-8477 or visiting Your identity will be protected, and your contribution to the investigation will be invaluable in bringing justice to Cleiver Gamez-Santos and ensuring the safety of our community.

Location Facts

Exploring North Austin: A Vibrant and Diverse Community

North Austin is a dynamic and diverse neighborhood, characterized by its oak-shaded residential areas and a bustling hub of dining and nightlife. This vibrant community offers a unique blend of modern eateries, eclectic shops, and exciting entertainment options. Let’s take a closer look at what makes North Austin a captivating destination for residents and visitors alike.

Description of North Austin

A Tapestry of Neighborhoods: Discovering North Austin’s Charm

North Austin is a tapestry of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and charm. From the tree-lined streets of residential areas to the vibrant commercial districts, this part of the city offers a diverse range of experiences. The neighborhood is known for its welcoming atmosphere, where neighbors come together to create a strong sense of community. With its well-maintained parks, green spaces, and a variety of housing options, North Austin provides a desirable living environment for individuals and families.

Attractions and Activities in the Area

A World of Possibilities: Exploring North Austin’s Offerings

North Austin is a treasure trove of attractions and activities that cater to a wide range of interests. Food enthusiasts can embark on a culinary journey along Burnet Road, where they can savor everything from Asian-fusion delicacies to mouthwatering tacos. The lively Rock Rose Avenue is a haven for nightlife lovers, with its vibrant bars and live music venues. For those seeking retail therapy, the Domain and Arboretum malls offer a plethora of shopping options. Nature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the beauty of Walnut Creek Park, which boasts 15 miles of scenic trails for hiking and exploration. With its diverse array of offerings, North Austin ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Austin police are seeking the public’s help in locating the suspect involved in the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Cleiver Gamez-Santos. The shooting took place at the Cricket Hollow Apartments in North Austin. Gamez-Santos was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside a car that was pulled over by the police. Despite being taken to the hospital, he did not survive. Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the Austin Police Department at 512-974-TIPS or anonymously report a tip at 512-472-8477 or North Austin is known for its residential neighborhoods, dining, nightlife, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

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