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Donald Smith Obituary, Resident Of Mount, AR, Has Passed Away – Death

Donald Smith Death – At CHI St. Vincent Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on November 25, 2023, Donald Smith, a respected resident of Mount, Arkansas, passed away in a calm and serene manner. He had been a patient there for many years. On September 3, 1937, in the tranquil village of Mount Ida, Arkansas, we witnessed the beginning of his existence, which is a monument to the qualities of resiliency and warmth.

His parents, Ozelle Smith and Lena Smith (née Lenderman), both passed away, and he was the cherished child of theirs. Donald exemplified the qualities of loyalty and commitment throughout the entirety of his long and eventful life journey. His loving wife, Lois Lybrand Smith, who brightened his life with an incalculable amount of love and friendship up until the time of her departure, had a profound and enduring link with him.

When they were together, they embraced the joys and hardships that life had to offer, demonstrating unshakable support and unspoken vows of love. Gregory Smith, Donald Smith’s son, carries on his father’s legacy by living a life that exemplifies the principles and ethical standards that were instilled in him by his father. They were able to carry forward a torch of familial affection and wisdom through the bond that they had, which resounded with power, love, and guidance.

With the addition of half-brothers, Bo Irby, and a number of other cherished relatives and friends whose lives he profoundly impacted, Donald’s family tree now includes a wider range of people. All those who had the good fortune to know him were left with an indelible impression on their hearts because of the warmth and kindness that emanated from his presence.

The fabric of his life was woven with the threads of his commitment to the community he lived his life in. He was a dependable figure who was always willing to lend a helping hand whenever it was required and also shared his knowledge that he had gained from a lifetime of experiences. As Donald travels beyond this realm, the reverberations of his laughter, the sage advice he imparted, and the imprints of his love will continue to linger on.

The people whose lives he touched will continue to carry on his legacy, leaving behind a legacy of generosity and compassion that will go on for many years to come. His impact will continue to echo through the lives he touched. In perpetuity, the spirit of Donald Smith will continue to serve as a perennial wellspring of motivation and a guiding beacon for those individuals who had the honor of knowing him.

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