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Dr. Cullen Taniguchi Obituary, The Reaumond Foundation Mourn A Lifelong Partner – Death

Dr. Cullen Taniguchi Obituary, Death – Dr. Cullen Taniguchi was a dear friend and collaborator of ours, and we are saddened to hear of his untimely death. Not only was Dr. Taniguchi an esteemed associate professor at MD Anderson, but he also founded the groundbreaking Taniguchi Lab, where his groundbreaking research on pancreatic cancer and other cancers led to new treatments and gave patients hope.

Throughout his illustrious academic career, Dr. Taniguchi consistently displayed his dedication to achieving greatness, as evidenced by prestigious accolades such as the Reaumond Scholarship and his Rhodes Scholar tenure at Oxford. His academic achievements, including earning a medical degree from Harvard and finishing his residency at Stanford, showcased his unwavering commitment to medical innovation and patient care.

Dr. Taniguchi will be remembered not just for his remarkable accomplishments, but also for his unwavering dedication and support of the Reaumond Foundation. Despite his busy schedule, he never missed one of our fundraisers, demonstrating his unfaltering commitment to our cause and the lives affected by pancreatic disease. We will be eternally grateful to him for the impact he has had on our foundation through his generosity, dedication, and hard work.

As we mourn the passing of a brilliant mind and generous spirit, our deepest sympathies go out to Dr. Taniguchi’s beloved wife, his two children, and all those who were touched by his generosity and compassion. His legacy will serve as an eternal source of inspiration as we pay tribute to him by carrying on his work to advance cancer research and aid the less fortunate.

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