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Floyd Heller Obituary, Native Of Bartonville, IL, Has Died, Funeral Information

Floyd Heller Obituary, Death – Floyd Michael Heller, 63, of Mapleton, Illinois, passed away on Thursday, November 23, 2023. His community, family, and friends are still deeply affected by his loss. There is a noticeable sense of loss among people who knew and loved Floyd since his presence was a treasured part of Mapleton’s identity. Floyd Michael Heller touched many people in the Mapleton community during his 63 years of life as a beacon of love and kindness.

His efforts, whether in his work, friendships, or community service, left a lasting impression on everyone he came into contact with. The news of Floyd’s demise has sparked strong feelings, bringing back memories of happy times spent together, giggles, and the tremendous impact he had on a great number of people. He was more than just a resident of the neighborhood; he was also someone who actively worked to improve the place he called home.

Floyd The recollections and tales that friends, relatives, and neighbors share about Michael Heller endure long after his passing. His influence is seen in the relationships he created and the kindness he demonstrated, creating a memory that will live on in the community. While Mapleton grieves for Floyd Heller, condolences, memories, and tales highlight the great regard and admiration that he was shown. Many people will feel empty after his death, which is evidence of the good impression he made on people who knew him.

We send our deepest sympathies and best wishes to Floyd Michael Heller’s family and friends during this difficult time of mourning. May you find solace in the recollections of his generosity, kindness, and the times spent together during this trying time. Mapleton will always be affected by Floyd, which is a monument to a life well-lived and a soul sadly missed.

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