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Fort Worth TX Shooting, Tarrant County Off-duty Officer Shot Twice, Suspect In Custody

Fort Worth TX, Shooting – NBC 5 News has heard that a suspect has been taken into custody following the shooting of a Tarrant County sheriff’s officer who was working off-duty at a Fort Worth credit union on Monday afternoon. The deputy was reportedly shot twice. At the time of his shooting, the deputy was reportedly working security inside the Fort Worth Community Credit Union, which is located in the 6400 block of Brentwood Stair Road, according to the various officials. The initial call was received at approximately 3:42 p.m., according to the dispatch reports.

Fort Worth police officers and deputies from the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office were observed walking alongside an ambulance as it sped away from the site and headed in the direction of John Peter Smith Hospital. Outside of the credit union, dozens of more cops and deputies were seen by crews from NBC 5 who were there at the event. A few of the glass doors that led to the credit union were broken. However, NBC 5 has verified that the deputy was undergoing surgery on Monday afternoon. Details regarding the gunshot and the deputy’s condition have not yet been confirmed. As far as the county sheriff is concerned, the deputy’s condition is considered to be stable.

By tweeting that the cop had been shot twice, Tarrant County Commissioner Tim O’Hare confirmed the news. He then sent out a second tweet approximately thirty-five minutes after the first one, in which he stated, “The suspect is now in custody.” In addition, the authorities have not disclosed any information regarding the individual who shot the deputy, nor have they confirmed whether or whether the individual who shot the officer is now at large or in custody. On the other hand, it is thought that the shooting is connected to the big police presence that was present outside of a residence that was less than half a mile away from the credit union. At the scene of the incident, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is present.

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