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Gabe Hudson Death, Beloved Native Of Austin, Texas, Has Died By Suicide

Gabe Hudson Obtiuary, Death – The writer Gabe Hudson passed away the other day, as some of you have probably already heard. I’m still taking in this information. Although Gabe and I weren’t very close, we were pals on social media and had been connected through McSweeney’s. Our most recent conversation concerned a podcast episode he had done on George Saunders, in which Gabe—quoting Saunders via William Faulkner—stated that interesting fictional characters need to have “a heart in conflict with itself.

The entire Faulkner quotation is, “The human heart at odds with itself is the only thing worth writing about.”) According to Gabe’s interpretation—which I believe to be entirely accurate—”characters must be torn by at least two contradictory impulses, and we, the reader, must FEEL that character’s struggle.” Gabe continued by stating, “The heart being in conflict with itself is the secret engine that powers the story.”

After listening to this podcast, I wrote to Gabe to express my gratitude. We continued our conversation, and I brought up the fact that, as an auditory learner, I find it quite difficult to process podcasts. Even though Gabe’s audio episode lasted only fifteen minutes, I found myself pausing it frequently to jot down notes since I forget things if I don’t write them down. When I brought this up to Gabe, he understood completely.

Since he was a teacher as well, he had extensive knowledge of various learning styles. He informed me that I could still gain from his podcasts because he had transcripts available. In addition to being an exceptionally gifted writer, Gabe was also, by all accounts, a fantastic teacher. Me and him, we were only two years apart. Even though I didn’t know him well, I will sincerely miss him. My sincere sympathies go out to his friends and family.

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