Community Grieves Loss of Bryson Burks, Beloved Son Gone Too Soon

Heartbreak has struck the close-knit community, as residents mourn the devastating loss of 19-year-old Bryson Burks. Bryson tragically passed away on December 18th, just hours shy of his 20th birthday.

In an emotional public statement, Bryson’s mother Chris Johnson Burks expressed unfathomable grief over her son’s premature death. “My sweet baby boy Bryson went to be with his daddy and his lord and savior in heaven late last night…I can’t live without my beautiful boy. I just can’t find more words at this time,” she wrote.

Chris described being surrounded by Bryson’s caring friends in the aftermath of this profound tragedy. However, she remains utterly distraught, saying “I will never be alright again.”

By all accounts, Bryson Burks was a bright light in his community – a beloved friend, family member and change-maker gone far too soon. He attended [HIGH SCHOOL] where teachers remembered his kindness and leadership qualities. Bryson even founded the Kidney Head Foundation to honor his late father and raise awareness about kidney health.

Tragically, Bryson was intimately familiar with the grief of losing a parent. His father Brett passed away previously from kidney disease, leading a devastated Bryson to channel his sorrow into altruistic action through the Kidney Head Foundation.

Now the community Bryson uplifted so often must find some way to uplift his grieving mother. Local resident Janice Mills summed up the somber mood, writing:

Please pray for my sweet friend, Chris Johnson Burks…I know Chris is hurting immeasurably right now and only God can give her any peace.”

As Chris herself declared, she will never fully recover from the anguish of losing her only beloved son. In her time of need, may Bryson’s caring spirit surround his mother through the outpouring of compassion from everyone he inspired.

Though nothing can fill the void left behind when a child leaves this world, Bryson Burks made the most of his tragically abbreviated life. In just 19 years, he lit up his community as a selfless friend and dedicated activist. The loss may be immeasurable, but so too was Bryson’s positive impact.

May his memory be a blessing to all those who loved him.

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