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Laura Kneece Obituary, Death – After the tragic pedestrian versus train incident on December 13, 2023, which claimed the life of Mr. James T. Bookman, 42, of Prosperity, the Newberry County community is in a state of mourning. The sad death of Mr. Bookman was confirmed by Coroner Laura Kneece at the scene of the accident in the Newberry area.

Jointly with the Newberry County Sheriff’s Department, the Newberry County Coroner’s Office is researching this terrible incident thoroughly. As more information becomes available, the authorities are committed to determining what led up to this tragic event. Condolences and deepest sympathies are extended to Mr. James T. Bookman’s loved ones in the wake of this tragic news.

In this time of shared grief, we remember a beloved member of our community and the immense toll that this terrible tragedy has taken on his family and friends. The untimely demise of Mr. Bookman has had a profound impact on the town of Newberry, driving discussions about the importance of increased vigilance near railroad tracks and the safety of pedestrians.

Campaigns to bring attention to the importance of rail safety could act as a sobering reminder to avoid similar disasters in the future as the investigation moves forward. With hearts heavy with grief, we stand in solidarity with Mr. Bookman’s loved ones as they endure this most trying of times. We will cherish his memory, and his tragic death is a sobering reminder of how fleeting life is; we must be more vigilant and careful in all that we do from this point forward.

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