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Logan Midgette Obituary, Death – I’m certain that life is unjust at times like these. It’s unfair that one of the most amazing, kind, and selfless persons I’ve ever met has gone to be with Jesus. It’s unjust that his wonderful wife of almost five years has to start over and face the future. That a brother and loving parents are grieving for a son is unfair. It is unjust to expect a church family to cope with the sudden loss of its most beloved member and worship leader. That someone I love left my table is unfair.

Life is not fair. It’s not, in fact. Because millions of others didn’t have a pal like Logan Midgette, and it’s unfair that I did. It’s unjust that after 15 years of helping him get there, I get to experience his finest life right now. It’s unjust that I got to see him grow from a cute little child to a husband, a brother who follows Christ, and a leader. I feel like I was cheated on today, but I also recall that Logan Midgette offered me a present.

Though he was my brother, Kayla referred to him as our “son”. Though our memories shed light on it, our future has undergone significant alteration. We adore you, Kyrsten Midgette. You three are real family: Avery Midgette, Katrina, and Barry. I’m grateful that you shared this resource. You improved our quality of life. I cling to the notion that we don’t cry like the helpless even though it doesn’t ease my suffering. Logan and Kyle Vinson last texted each other at eight in the morning yesterday. In other words, “if I’m home, I’m there.” Logan, I’ll finally concede that you possess your father’s gift of prophecy. so you’re both there and at home!

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