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Pamela Wills Burn Obituary, Death  – Wednesday, September 15, 2010, saw the departure of Pamela Jean Wills, age 57, from this life. She left behind a legacy that still has an impact on everyone she touched. Pamela was up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, but in 1999 she moved to Florida and settled in Lutz, where she became a valued member of the community. Pamela was a ray of sunshine and goodness all of her life. She was liked by many because of her kind disposition and gentle spirit.

Numerous lives she positively influenced attested to her dedication to her family, friends, and community. With her move to Florida, Pamela started a new chapter in her life, and she soon integrated herself into the active Lutz community. Those who had the privilege of knowing her felt joy, friendship, and a sense of unanimity in her presence. Pamela’s life was shaped by the wonderful times she had with her loved ones, even though the circumstances surrounding her death may signal its conclusion.

Her laughter, knowledge, and unfailing support are treasured memories that will always live on in the hearts of those who knew her the best. While her life is honored and grieved, Pamela Jean Wills’ family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers, providing comfort during this difficult time of loss. Although her absence creates a gap, the love and kindness she once showed still endures and guides the grieving process. Though Pamela’s journey from Pittsfield to Lutz was physical, her generosity and compassion had an impact that went beyond geography. She will always be cherished for the love and happiness she gave to everyone she came into contact with, and her legacy is proof of the enduring impact she had on those around her.

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