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Raymond Spider Firby Obituary, Resident Of Durham, United Kingdom Has Passed Away – Death

Raymond Spider Firby Death – Raymond (Spider) Firby, a beloved member of the New Brancepeth community, passed away in a calm and serene manner on November 21st, at the age of 58. In loving memory of Raymond Firby. Raymond, affectionately referred to as Spider, leaves behind a legacy of love and memories that will be treasured forever.

Gemma, Jade, Chantelle, and Sam looked up to him as a towering example of paternal love and affection. He was a revered person whose direction and warmth influenced the course of their lives. His devotion extended to his role as a cherished grandpa to Emme and Indie, bringing happiness and laughter into their world.

He was devoted to his grandparents. Raymond was the cherished son of Ray and Cilla, and he gracefully carried forward the ideals that the family had instilled in him. Throughout his life, he remained a devoted brother to Stephen and Merrel, cultivating a relationship that endured the passage of time. His memory was woven into the fabric of Raymond’s life, which is a monument to the enduring quality of brother love. Although Darrin may have passed away earlier, Raymond remembers him fondly.

As a result of his boundless generosity, he became a cherished father-in-law, brother-in-law, and uncle. His warmth extended to all of these relationships. Everyone who had the honor of knowing him found solace and happiness in his presence. His presence was a source of comfort. St. Catherine’s Church in New Brancepeth will be the location of a funeral ceremony that will be performed on December 7 at eleven o’clock in the morning.

This service will be held in honor of his life. After that, there will be a private cremation service, which will be a small gathering for those who were closest to Raymond. Instead of sending flowers, the family would appreciate it if donations could be sent to Cancer Research UK. This would be a fitting tribute to Raymond’s kind nature and his desire for a brighter future.

At the conclusion of the services, everyone is invited to come together at the New Brancepeth Club for refreshments. This will be an opportunity to commemorate Raymond’s life, exchange experiences, and find comfort in the company of one another. The legacy of love and generosity that he left behind will live on in the hearts of those he touched forever, serving as a beacon that continues to guide and give inspiration. Despite the fact that Raymond’s presence will be sorely missed, his memory will be treasured for all of eternity.

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