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[Terrifying] Teen rescued after 200 foot fall on hike near big sur

[Terrifying] Teen rescued after 200 foot fall on hike near big sur – A daring rescue mission unfolded in Big Sur, California, as the California Highway Patrol came to the aid of a 19-year-old hiker who fell 200 feet in a treacherous area near Sykes Camp. With major injuries and his life hanging in the balance, the teenager’s girlfriend made a desperate call for help. Now, witness the heart-stopping moment as the CHP’s helicopter swoops in to save the day, capturing the dramatic rescue on video. Brace yourself for a gripping tale of survival and heroism.

California Highway Patrol Rescues Hiker in Big Sur

The California Highway Patrol recently carried out a daring rescue mission in the picturesque region of Big Sur. A 19-year-old hiker found himself in a perilous situation after falling a staggering 200 feet while exploring the scenic trails. Thanks to the swift response of the CHP, the hiker was successfully rescued and brought to safety.

Details of the Incident

The incident occurred during an evening hike near Sykes Camp, a popular area known for its hot springs. The hiker was accompanied by his girlfriend, who promptly called for assistance upon witnessing the accident. The CHP quickly mobilized their resources and arrived at the scene to provide aid.

Injuries Sustained by the Hiker

Unfortunately, the hiker suffered severe injuries as a result of the fall. These included a loss of consciousness, fractured limbs, a possible dislocated arm, and a significant laceration to his head. The CHP’s expertise and training were crucial in stabilizing the hiker’s condition and ensuring his well-being during the rescue operation.

Transportation to the Hospital

Following the successful rescue, the injured hiker was swiftly transported to a hospital in Salinas. The CHP’s helicopter played a vital role in this process, as it safely hoisted the hiker out of the woods on a gurney. The prompt and efficient actions of the CHP undoubtedly contributed to the hiker receiving the necessary medical attention without delay.

A 19-year-old hiker was rescued by the California Highway Patrol after falling 200 feet near Big Sur. The agency shared a video of the helicopter hoisting him out of the woods on a gurney. The teen’s girlfriend called for help after the accident, and he was airlifted to a hospital in Salinas with major injuries. We’re grateful for the swift response of the rescue team and wish the young hiker a speedy recovery.

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